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Welcome to Our Story

Our Beginnings

The year 1956 must have been a most memorable one – one of the ‘Cs”, for in 1956 we saw the start of our beloved Credit Union, the formation of the Trinidad Cricket Council, the Red Cross Children’s Carnival, the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous and we cannot forget the immortal calypso, “Jean and Dinah” sung by the Mighty Sparrow.

So, Carnival, Calypso, Cricket and Credit Unions really do have something in common.

Our Founding Members

In early times, through the determination, drive and tireless efforts of a few, which comprised:

Mr H V de Gannes the first President

Mr Randolph De Silva the first Treasurer

Mr Felix Clark

Mr Irvin Johnson

Mr Cecil Gerold

Together with the untiring efforts of Mr Terrence Vieira, Mrs Winnie Joseph, and a small membership of 20 persons drawn from Alstons Head Office, Shipping, Customs, Lumber and Hardware, the Alstons Credit Union was started in March 1956.

Throughout the early years our Credit Union received advice and support from the Co-operative Division and League, and we must thank Mr T Malcolm Milne, Mr Rex Hogan, Mr Thomas Rampersad and Mr Raymond Cummings for their efforts and cooperation.

The 1960’s and 70’s

A memorable event of the first year was the granting of the first loan of $100.00 to Mrs Edith Monceaux of the Customs Department.

The first year’s end saw total membership increase to 108 and a share capital of $2,492.00.

In the early 1960’s, the Alstons Credit Union received a great membership boost with the introduction of members from Carib Brewery, Carib Glassworks, Tugs and Lighters and General Contractors, and Trinidad Clay Products in Longdenville.

The next major milestone was in 1969 when Alstons Limited was the subject of a take-over bid by a British businessman, Mr Oliver Jessell.  The Company with Sir Errol Dos Santos at the forefront was able to resist this take-over bid with the help of the then Prime Minister, the late Dr Eric Williams and the subsequent introduction of the Aliens Land Holding Act.

After this event, in September 1969 Charles McEnearney & Company Limited made a successful bid to take-over Alstons Limited and this merger brought a new membership base to the Credit Union, now called the McEnearney Alstons Credit Union (McAL), encompassing employees of McEnearney & Company Port of Spain, San Fernando, Tobago, McEnearney Electrical, McEnearney Business Machines (MBM), Trinidad Distributors Limited  (TDL), Burmac, and Amalgamated Industries – the motor car assembly Plant in Arima.

The increase in membership caused the Credit Union to employ full time staff and its office was moved from 69 Independence Square (Alstons Head Office) to 76A South Quay, Port of Spain.

The first full-time Secretary/Manager was Mr Vincent Donatien in 1968 followed a year later by Mr Jose Salazar who served the Credit Union with great distinction for 22 years.  Some of our other dedicated Secretary/Managers’ were Mr Richard Halfhide, Mrs Sharon Andrews-Parris, Mr Keith Wood, Ms Claudia Charles, Mr Victor Lutchman and Mr Brian Tangwell.  Our present General Manager is Mrs Beverly Williams Young.

Another highlight during the 1960’s and 70’s was the physical appearance and verbal contribution of Mr Wilfred Job from Tugs and Lighters at our Annual General Meetings.   The members looked forward to Mr Job taking the Board and Committees to task, in a most vociferous manner.

It was said that to have a large turn out at our AGM, just make sure Mr Job would be there.  He was also one of the first proponents that the Credit Union should own its own building for its offices.

The 1980’s Onward

The next major landmark was the take-over of McAL by the ANSA Group in December 1986 and the new conglomerate of ANSA McAL was born along with ANSA McAL Group Employees Credit Union.

This brought an immediate increase in the membership with members of the several Standard stores nationwide, together with Standard Equipment, Crown Industries, Bell Furniture Industries and some other small companies.

By this time, the total membership had reached over 3,500 members and the Credit Union’s office was then relocated to the “Stokes & Bynoe” Building in Mount Hope, which we have occupied since August 2000.

We purchased our first property at No 4 Borde Street, Port of Spain, which was one of the focal points of the 50th Anniversary “Celebrating the Golden Jubilee” as relocation was accomplished early March 2006 and coincided with the very month of our birthday, and of course, we were happy to have Mr Job still present with us to share our pride.

The services offered by our Credit Union have also expanded greatly over the years and our loan portfolio now includes loans for:

  • Education/University
  • Home/Land Purchases
  • Renovations
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Household Appliances
  • Medial Expenses and other productive purposes


Our office staff has increased to effectively and efficiently handle all the needs and requirements of our total membership and our operations have matured from hand-written Ledger Books, to NCR accounting machines to the current fully computerised CUMIS system.

In the 80’s and 90’s, the Credit Union’s annual Sports was the highlight of the activities and for many years, the Sports were always headed by the late Harold Smith, who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our Sport and Family Day.

One of the Board of Directors visions for 2006 was to change the name of the Credit Union to reflect separation from ANSA McAL as the public was of the view was that it was a subsidiary of the Group.  The suggestion “AMGECU” submitted by Jennifer Francis Taylor was accepted by the Board.

AMGECU was introduced as an acronym to the membership at the March 25, 2006 Annual General Meeting to be used in brackets after the name – ANSA McAL Group Employees Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited (AMGECU) to bring awareness.  The acronym was also linked to the logo.  The membership accepted the recommendation and it was agreed that it would be use in this manner for five (5) year.


logo1-mdAnother change took place, as the Credit Union had gone through the stages of the metamorphosis of business life and on Saturday, March 24, 2012 the transformation was revealed.  The launch was a conversion in a time when there was motivation to accede to a better understanding with our members and reflected four parts:

  1. Name – AMGECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited
  1. Logo – The design represents ‘the Key to your dream’ and it symbolise the evolution of the old entity into a beautiful reincarnation resplendent with a colourful vibrancy and enthusiasm. If unlocks all the opportunity to a new understanding and our belief that a new strategic direction had been achieved.
  1. Colours – Purple, Gold and Green. The power colours of purple and gold are dynamic shades that signify royalty, prosperity, wisdom and success.  The hint of green is the energy colour of nature, fertility, life, growth and a desire to expand. It provides balance and a sense of
  1. Alliance Members – the Bye Laws were amended to include membership to bonafide permanent employees of all companies outside of the ANSA McAL Group that interact regularly with AMGECU.

The Credit Union purchased it second property at Eastern Main Road, St Joseph and it is expected to relocate its office to that district early December 2016.

It is always difficult – almost impossible to single out any one person or persons who deserve special praise, but our sincere appreciation must go out to our ‘founding fathers” – H V de Gannes, Irvin Johnson, Felix Clark, Cecil Gerold – all of whom have left us now and Randolph De Silva, our first “Book-Keeper”, who is still an active member of AMGECU, and Mr Terry Vieira, whose early efforts sparked the Alstons Directors to start the Credit Union.  Also, all the members on the ground who continue to recommend the services of the Credit Union to their co-workers


Unlocking socio-economic value for our members through optimal financial solutions, innovation, education and positive life-long experiences .